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STEF Seafood: freshness above everything

STEF solutions for the fishery sector

We are the ideal partner for managing and coordinating all work linked to transport, logistics, and IT systems relating to fresh fish products.

STEF's lengthy experience

Fresh and processed fish has taken an increasing hold in food consumption, both in terms of quantity and quality, because of the wide range of choice available in restaurants and supermarkets. Freshness and the maintenance of organoleptic characteristics, which are already important issues for any fresh product, are even more so for fish products. That is why catering distributors and operators need a partner that ensures complete control of the cold chain, which is expressed in terms of greater quality in the final product.
STEF Seafood is our unit which specialises in the transport and logistics of fresh fish products. STEF Seafood manages the stocking and distribution throughout the country of around 95,000 tonnes of fish products a year, which come from all the main European fishing areas. We deliver to all sector operators, from large retail chains to wholesalers and individual shops, and we guarantee the complete freshness of the products throughout the chain through a dedicated, temperature-controlled, network.

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