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Reliability and versatility for the retail area

STEF solutions for the retail world

We support retailers in planning, executing and managing solutions designed both to meet specific needs and also to operate in synergy with other connections.

STEF for the retail sector

The retail world requires a logistics partner for fresh produce which can combine solidity, structure and elasticity; a partner that can develop collaboration and efficiency between industry and distribution. A temperature-controlled operator for the retail sector isn't just a link in the chain, but must also be a driver for development and innovation for the whole system.
To meet this need we provide supply chain services to retailers of every size and to the food sector: from major retail outlets, to small chains, right up to local food shops. Our certified experience in creating customised services means we can offer efficient, dedicated IT solutions that can track all the flows and improve warehouse performance.
We deal with the whole supply chain for the sector, by managing platforms and distribution centres for categories of food products that need varying temperature controls, from fresh food, to frozen and temperature sensitive produce.

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