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The ideal partner for the agri-food industry

STEF experience for the agri-food industry

Operational excellence and being close to the client. These are the watchwords of the way we work and what allows us, on a daily basis, to meet our clients' needs, tackle how the sector evolves, and to anticipate the needs of final consumers.

The STEF competitive advantage

For agri-food fresh produce, logistics and transport are a fundamental link in the value chain: complete control over quality and safety is required, while always keeping high efficiency levels so as not to weaken financial performance.
We have always worked in the temperature-controlled agri-food sector and the experience we have acquired over so many years' work means that we can satisfy the very diverse needs of our clients. We are specialists in optimising stocking and transport, to reduce delivery times, but without overlooking the versatility of the solutions put forward, and maintaining complete safety and quality control.
The skills acquired also mean we can cover a number of different areas in our sector, linking together food companies with the world of distribution and catering, always ensuring top-level services.

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