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STEF Group acquires Nagel-Group’s operations in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands

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STEF e Nagel-Group
This transaction will allow Nagel-Group to continue the strategic optimisation of its network and pursue its policy of refocusing on key markets. At the same time, STEF Group will reinforce its presence and network across these three countries.

Under the terms of this transaction signed 12/11/2020, STEF Group will acquire five sites in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, with total turnover of approx. €95m and around 200 employees, subject to approval by the German competition authority. 

Following this transaction, STEF Group and Nagel-Group will enter into distribution agreements – to enable Nagel-Group to make use, for its operations in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, of the distribution network of STEF Group; and to enable STEF Group to offer its customers in these countries improved distribution services in Germany and Central/Northern Europe. 

Completion of the transaction is envisaged in January 2021.  

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