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STEF makes a commitment on climate

Moving Green

STEF has been involved for many years in an energy transition process that has produced tangible results. Aware of the importance of accelerating its environmental commitments, the Group is proud to present its new roadmap, “Moving Green”.

Objectif climat

We aim to reduce our vehicle-related GHG emissions by 30% by 2030, by optimising our transport patterns, reducing the fuel consumption of our vehicles and favoring alternative energies.

By 2022, we have reduced our GHG emissions by 16.2%:

  • reduction of GHG emissions through the optimization of on-board refrigeration units ;
  • reduction in vehicle consumption through fleet renewal and continuous improvement in driving behavior ;
  • optimization of transport patterns and densification of loads.


Objectif climat

Our goal is to use 100% low-carbon energy in our buildings by 2025 by reducing our consumption through our energy management system and by deploying photovoltaic panels on our sites.

In 2022, low-carbon energy will represent 75.7% of our energy mix:

  • commissioning of 31 photovoltaic installations for a total installed capacity of 21 MWp with a target of 80 MWp by 2025.



We want to build a support process for transport subcontractors.

The transport subcontracting directorate created in 2021 carries out various actions: 

  • recasting of contracts with the main subcontractors in Europe to include environmental commitments ;
  • Deployment of the Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) scheme with subcontractors to encourage them to control and save energy ;
  • supporting our transport subcontractors in reducing their emissions ;
  • setting up diagnostics with transport subcontractors with a view to renewing part of their vehicle fleet.



The aim is to make each employee a player in reducing the carbon footprint in their professional and personal lives.

In 2022, training and awareness-raising for teams to mobilize them and encourage them to act for the environment: 

  • launch of the "Climate School" which offers e-learning modules on sustainable transformation to our teams ;
  • deployment of cross-functional actions such as the extension of the "Plastic Free" program launched in Italy.



These commitments have the backing of our Board of Directors and mark the beginning of an important shift for our company. They embody our vision of the role and responsibilities of a Group such as STEF in facing current and future challenges.

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