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Browsing our site you would probably have seen STEF's definition: the European specialist in transport and controlled-temperature food logistics. In this short definition you can understand what we do day by day but surely a concrete example could better explain the context we face every day.

So here we go, we will introduce ourselves through some key numbers:  

1,000,000 m3 at controlled temperature - This is the size of all the storage volume of STEF in Italy. A further element to take into consideration is the controlled temperature: this huge volume is constantly maintained at the same temperature of 4°C for fresh products and -25°C for frozen foods.

180.000 delivery points - This number of delivery points means that we are able to deliver food products at controlled temperatures almost everywhere: from large distribution centers to nearby shops in historic centers and smaller villages. The capillarity of STEF is guaranteed by the presence on the Italian territory with over thirty branches, that allow us to reach all these delivery points.

18.000 employees - We are a big European group and we have the numbers of a great company: we are present in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. More specifically, STEF employees in Italy are more than 800. In its growth path, STEF is always looking for new talents at all levels, so it is always possible to check open positions or send your application.

5.000 deliveries in Europe - To preserve the qualitative and organoleptic characteristics of all excellent food products, STEF relies on an outstanding network. Thanks to its sites situated throughout the national territory, STEF is in close contact with producers and distributors and thanks to its STEF International HUB located near Milan it’s able to send and receive goods throughout Europe, always under controlled temperature , with multiple departures every week and with extremely competitive delivery times.

36 branches in Italy - They are located in almost every single region, from North to South, including the islands.

3 temperature ranges - STEF is conscious of being able to manage the right temperature for each type of product. There are fresh products - those that we usually keep in the fridge - that require a temperature of 4° C; which are very different from the -25° C required by frozen products; which in turn are quite different from the 15° Celsius required by heat-sensitive products. Each of these product categories requires storage and transport at the right temperature. STEF manages and deals all the three different temperatures in the ways and times set by the most strict regulations and with the highest attention to product quality.
These are just some of the key numbers that represent STEF, you can find others on our website and many other news and information on STEF will be available soon on STEF News. But if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.