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A solid story which looks to the future

STEF in Italy: serving your business for 35 years

STEF in Italy: serving your business for 35 years
Experience, skill and specialisation: we have been working in Italy for many years with a central role in the sector, and have been continually working as a partner to companies for over 15 years. That is why we consider ourselves a European company with roots deeply set in Italy.
The first steps in Italy

The first steps in Italy

In 1983, the STEF Group and the Cavalieri Group started a joint venture to manage import/export of foods between Italy and France. This agreement developed and continued over the years, and also overcame periods with negative economic conditions.
Thanks to far-sighted investment policies and by reaching increasingly high standards, we consolidated our position and got to the point where we built an integrated system which can offer top-level quality, geographic proximity and operational performance.

Continual growth

We have grown over the past few years and we have increasingly specialised in dedicated business units, such as STEF Seafood and STEF International.
In 2011, we took a further step forward with the acquisition of Dispensa Logistica, an Italian company which is heavily specialised in food logistics.
Since 2012 the entire product system has been brought together under the STEF Italia brand.


The years of development

At STEF, the path of growth and specialisation continues without stopping because we have opened new branches and obtained important results in terms of business and the evolution of the system of the product. We now have a network of 34 temperature-controlled branches throughout the country.
In 2018 the acquisition of the Marconi Group's sub-zero business allowed us to complete our range of services in Italy and at the same time allowed the STEF Group to grow its frozen food network in Europe.

Storia di STEF

2020: a 100 years travel

During 2020 STEF Group celebrated its hundredth anniversary. An important goal that leads us towards the future. 

Scopri la storia del Gruppo
SVAT Nogarole

2023: l'ingresso di SVAT nel gruppo

A fine dicembre 2022, il Gruppo SVAT entra a far parte del Gruppo STEF. Grazie a questa acquisizione, STEF incrementa ulteriormente la propria presenza nel settore della ristorazione fuori casa e della logistica e del trasporto agroalimentare del surgelato, rendendo unico il proprio dispositivo di distribuzione capillare in Italia.

Key moments