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Food consumption: small growth in the first half of the year

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Food consumption
Italy marks a weak sign in growth of food consumption in the first half of 2019, although this growth is not homogeneous across all categories.
Consumption of fresh food is growing, due to the fact that this category is considered to be healthier. The lifestyle of Italians seems to be the healthiest in Europe: attention to health influences every aspect of daily life, starting with food.

General data

After a 2018 that closed with almost zero growth (+ 0.3%), also due to a negative last quarter, the first half of 2019 shows more encouraging signs, marking a + 1.1% compared to the same half-year of 2018.

Consumi vino


DOC wines and “Spumanti”marked a significant growth among the (+ 5.6%).

Consumi proteine animali

Animal proteins

The fresh meats show contained growths, except for the ovine and rabbit meats that mark a strong reduction. From the point of view of dairy products, the growth of long-life milk is still confirmed.

Consumi frutta e verdura

Fruits and vegetables

The consumption of frozen vegetables has increased (+ 4.1%) instead of fresh vegetables (-4%). The positive trend of the IV range continues.

and the needs of consumers.
Constant temperature control, from storage to distribution, is a strong strength of STEF: food producers can rely on this, being always careful about maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the food excellences required by today’s attentive consumer.