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STEF Graduate program: we pick our future managers

At STEF we believe that human resources are a decisive factor in developing the business. That is why we always look for the best new graduates to “grow” our future managers in house. That is the origin of the STEF Graduate Program: a system of selection and career development that allows talented young graduates to get unique experience and to take on managerial roles.
Graduate program

Becoming part of the STEF team

At STEF we are always looking for talented young people. Recruitment occurs both at special events and through looking at unsolicited candidates.

Are you a young graduate in engineering, economics or other university disciplines that are related to our area? Put yourself forward to take part in the STEF Graduate Program. It lasts two years and is broken down into three main stages:

  1. inclusion in an operational platform to get to know our business better
  2. delegation of tasks with increasing responsibility so as to enable growth in both human and professional terms
  3. planning and preparation for the role of responsibility that will be assigned at the end of the program
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